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Top Rated Hospitals and Doctors based on their Birth-Friendly status

Ratings are given by experienced doulas who have worked with many Hospitals and Doctors

Find the *best doula* rated hospitals here! Doulas - you can rate hospitals and doctors once you have registered. You can find out the best places to park or what floor Labor & Delivery is on or whether your client's chosen hospital has birth balls or midwives or telemetry monitoring without having to register by going to the Top Hospital page

The best doctor or hospital for your birth depends on what type of birth you are hoping to have specific needs include. It's important that your doctor and hospital want you to have the same kind of experience that you want.

If you only talk with women who have given birth at a particular hospital or with a particular doctor, those women only have had experience with that one hospital or doctor. Doulas work at many local hospitals and with many OB/GYNs and can compare which ones are the most "birth-friendly." The owner of this website, tracy hartley, has attended over 500 births in 18 years as a doula and, combined with all of the doulas who are rating these hospitals and doctors, we have had experience at several thousand births!

Only the top rated hospitals and doctors are shown on this list. These hospitals and doctors are being rated on their "birth-friendly" status -- not their medical expertise. Hospitals and doctors with low ratings are not listed, but the information may have been collected so, if you don't see your hospital or doctor rated here, please contact for more information. It's possible that the doctor is too new to have been rated, so please don't assume that he or she isn't a birth-friendly doctor if that doctor is not on the list.

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  • If there are specific things that you need to find in a hospital or doctor, such as VBAC or vaginal breech births, filter them using the provided search terms.
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